What to see in Rennes le château and around RLC

Rennes le château

Rennes le château is a hilltop village filled with history and has a certain mystical dimension.All the historical periods can be discovered within the village and it seems that time stopped at with the mystery of Abbé Saunière wealth. Internationaly known a lot of films and books relate the story of the village and of that mystery. It attracts every year a lot of tourists eager to find the source of that mysterious treasure.

Added to this historical dimension, Rennes le chateau offers a wonderful diaporama of nature. From there you will be able to see the Bugarach mountain and the wild nature around.

Must see :

  • Abbé Saunière museum
  • Magdala tower, symbol of Rennes le château
  • Sainte-Marie-Madeleine church and its hidden and mystic treasures
  • Local artists

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Rennes le château cultural heritage

Around Rennes le château


  • The Pech, a mountain where you can hike
  • The castle
  • The village and its artcraft
  • Vultures observatory

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Carcassonne and its walled city

Located at about 45 km from Rennes le château, Carcassonne walled city is part of the UNESCO heritage. It attracts every years a lot of tourists eager to discover that beautiful part of French history.

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